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60GHz WiFi6 60GHz Outdoor Wireless Gigabit Terminal Transmission

Product Details

Product Advantage

    It is a 60GHz 802.11ad outdoor transmission product, which provides high throughput, low latency and long-distance applications for many outdoor application scenarios.

    * High EMI
    The 60GHz millimeter wave frequency band has an available bandwidth of more than 7GHz, and the wireless spectrum environment is ideal. At the same time, GP-HAP1600 comprehensively uses a variety of 5G wireless technologies, such as MIMO, beamforming, etc., through narrow beam directional communication, while improving the transmission distance, it greatly enhances the interference of the transmission space.

    * High Speed
    The spectrum bandwidth of a single channel is as high as 2.16GHz. With the high-performance modulation, demodulation and coding scheme, the effective throughput rate is as high as 1.6Gbps at a distance of 300 meters. Strengthen the access and return of large-bandwidth services such as 4K HD video

    * High Reliability
    The minimum single-hop link delay is only 50 micr

Product Parameter :

SOCIPQ 8078A: Quad Core A53s@2.2GHz
FlashNOR Flash 32MB
Nand Flash
11 adSupport frequency points: CH1/CH2/CH3
Horizontal Coverage: 90°
Vertical Coverage: 20°
EIRP 40 dBm
Wired Interface1 * GE POE
1 * DSFP
Time delay15ms
Power supply48 V Passive 
Power consumption20W
Maintenance channelWired port
Maintenance methodBuild-in Webserver set by Web maintenance page
ResetSupport one-key restore to factory settings
Software featuresACL
DCN management
Air interface link instrument-free acceptance function
The access point supports ACS automatic frequency selection
White list, maximum support 1000
Account management and corresponding authority management
Strong encryption algorithm: PBKDF2 Salt

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